Essential principles of carpet cleaning

Essential principles of carpet cleaning

As you purchase a beautiful carpet to complement the interior at home, you will want to do so to make the room feel warmer and more welcoming. Carpets can contribute to the finishing touch of any place, as long as you are ready to invest time and effort in carpet cleaning. 

You may consider the cleaning need of the carpet as the dark side of owning such an item. In time, your carpet will start accumulating dust, perhaps even stains, and it is going to depend on you to clean and care for it. Else, you will find its beautiful looks ruined, and before you know it, you will have to spend money on a new carpet. 

You need to recognize the basic principles of carpet cleaning: 



  • Frequent vacuum cleaning – the best thing you can do for your carpet is to vacuum it frequently. Regular vacuuming is quite important, as it is the best way to control the amount of dust and other spoils on the carpet. If you ignore it for too long, your carpet will look spent and super dirty, not to mention become a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. You need to bust out your vacuum cleaner every week, though that time should be shorter in case there is heavy traffic in your home. At the very least, you must be vacuuming every two weeks. 

  • Sufficient stain removal – accidents happen, and sometimes they lead to nasty stains. Whether it is red wine, ink from your children’s games or a pet accident, it is up to you to address the issue right away. If you delay, you risk the stain becoming permanent, which can ruin your carpet. It is also important not to rub or scrub the stain because that will only spread it and set it deeper into the fabric. Lastly, it is important not to apply any stain removal products without first testing them. Pick a small inconspicuous area and test the solution there first. If it is safe, proceed to treat the stain with it. 

  • Professional carpet cleaning – even if you stay on top of your chores, vacuum frequently and address stains, your carpet is going to need extra care. That is because it accumulates dust and other debris deep within the pile, where a mere vacuum doesn’t reach. For this reason, it is recommended to call in professionals for a deep clean. They utilise specialised gear and methods, such as hot water extraction, which removes the dirt from deep within the pile. As a result, you will see a perfectly clean carpet, free of dust and other allergens. 

  • Keep dirt out – it is pretty much impossible to banish all the dirt that ends up on your carpet, but you can at least reduce it. It is as simple as asking everyone coming to your home to leave their shoes at the door. Furthermore, you can add a mat in front of your door to reduce the number of spoils even more. 

These are the four essential principles of carpet cleaning. Make sure you keep them in mind so that you can better care for your carpet.


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